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Feedback from volunteer at Charlotte/Meck Animal Services

The following is an email that Train to Adopt trainer Karen Owens (from Charlotte/Mecklenburg (North Carolina) Animal Services received from a volunteer following the generous donation of 500 Kongs to their shelter dogs. Thanks, Karen and volunteers, and THANK YOU KONG COMPANY!


I think the handbook is helpful. I knew the basics about how to use Kongs and their calming effects; however, I learned a few things. For instance, I did not know about Kongs for senior dogs. I have senior dogs at home, so senior Kongs are in our future.

I did not realize the black Kongs are for extreme chewers, and this will help with distribution at the shelter. Our big Labrador Retrievers are candidates for black.

I think the information is great for people who are not familiar with Kongs. A shorter version for new adopters would be great.

Please let the Kong Company know that we are very grateful for their contribution of Kongs. The shelter dogs do benefit by having stimulation and something to look forward to.

Further, I no longer feel guilty when I cannot take every dog out. I can give every dog a Kong and know that their day is better.

I have volunteered at our shelter for eight years, and I have long felt that our dogs need something fun to pass the time. Many thanks to Kong Company for making this happen.

Finally, my own popularity in our kennels has risen dramatically.



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