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Squeaky’s Tired after a Long Day at the ITC

Here is a photo of “Squeaky”, an adorable 6 month old cattle-dog colored beagle mix, sprawled out asleep in a hotel room bed: she’s part of our Instructor Training Course, which is a five-day intensive dog trainers’ course in which the trainers are paired with shelter dogs. Many of the trainers take their shelter dogs back to their hotel rooms overnight. The dogs get trained and socialized all day long, each day. It’s a wonderful program that we host at RVAA, created by Dana Crevling of Dogs of Course (www.dogsofcourse.com)

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7 Responses to “Squeaky’s Tired after a Long Day at the ITC”

  1. Much obliged to all the folks who attended the ITC, the instructors, and Dana. The pup pictured above, formerly known as “Squeaky” was all the better for it and with all your interactions with her y’all helped her start to come alive & out of her shell! She is a tad bit shy & uses her Beagle feet to get your attention. If any of y’all taught her to “Prairie Dog” (i.e. “Sit Pretty”) that’s how she asks for attention now or she’ll try to “High 5″….First dog – ever – I adopted, brought home, & fit in seamlessly with my other dogs. She’s now “Yippee-Ki-Yi-Yay!” & her housemates are Boppa Hutchens, a 6 yo pupppy mill Lhasa & true Southern Gentleman, & Clicker, a 14 yo Sheltie/Corgi mix who has occasional bouts of “snarkolepsy”. Hutch & her play together. Yippee is eager to please, to learn, and at times has quite the Yap on her. Her startle response to household sounds is getting better & she’s wonderful on a lead. Loved the ITC, meeting y’all, & adopting a 2nd dog from Sue (it’s the 8-9 hrs round trip that kept me from coming back sooner. Lyne, Yippee (or is it Yappy?) Ki-Yi-Yay, Boppa Hutchens, & Clicker

  2. Uh…..I don’t actually have a website…..I just wish I did; hence the comment above.

  3. Kate says:

    Its great what you are doing Sue! Jane Goodall is my idol but you have just been added on the list too! I have been doing science fair projects on dog training for two years and I love it! I used this website for a lot of my background report.
    Thanks for everything you do to help animals!

  4. Kate says:

    You are welcome!

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