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The Petfinder.com Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charity whose mission is to help ensure that no adoptable pet is euthanized for lack of a good home. The Foundation gives grant directly to over 14,000 animal welfare organizations across the country. Since 2003, the Foundation has provided over $10 Million worth of grants to help homeless pets and those who care for them.

In 2011, the Petfinder.com Foundation awarded four shelters grant money to hire a trainer for a year so that the trainer could implement my Train to Adopt program, which involved training all the volunteers, staff, and inviting regional rescue groups and other shelters to come and learn how to implement the program.

The four shelters:

Charlotte/Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control in Charlotte, NC (Trainer: Karen Owens)

Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia (Trainer: Eleasha Gall)

Humane Society of Missouri in St Louis (Trainer: Linda Campbell)

Pima County Animal Control in Tucson, Arizona (Trainer: Rob Cox)

We’re hoping to expand the alliance for 2012 and include more shelters, and we’re trying to help these shelters raise money to keep these trainers on staff for another year.

We are so grateful to the generosity of the Petfinder.com Foundation for their moral and financial support of this program.  We encourage you to donate to the Petfinder.com Foundation in support of all their generous work in the animal welfare community.

Also, the Kong Company, always incredibly generous,  sent 500 Kongs to each shelter, plus numerous dvds and instructional manuals for use of the Kong for the adopters.

The Kuranda Bed company makes the ideal shelter dog bed and generously supports the program and issued each recipient shelter 10 Kuranda beds.

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