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Update from Philly

by Eleasha Gall, CPDT

Things have been going ok with the shelter, getting to know the staff and volunteers.  The volunteers who are helping are very happy with how the dogs are responding, really amazed actually.  It’s great!  I got a ton of complements from staff within the last week.  They were mostly saying how happy the dogs are and how great they are coming along in their training.  They have me scheduled for my second volunteer meeting next Tuesday the 5th.

There have been a lot of dogs from the program getting adopted the only hang up is I have not had any interaction with people adopting.  It tends to be that they just are gone.  I have been updating the petpoint program in hopes that the adoption staff will let the new owners know the dogs have been worked with at least.

There was one dog, Major who had been there a while.  I worked with him and after about a week he was adopted.  I happened to see his new parents when they brought him in for a check up about two weeks ago and all three were so happy.  They just kept saying how well behaved he was and how much they loved him.  It was really great to see the people and Major all so happy together!



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