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Munch Gets Adopted!

It was a great day at Charlotte/Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control; they wrote to tell us about a large black dog that had been at the shelter a long time. “It was a very good day.  As with Hannah, the black lab a couple months ago, the woman who adopted Munch was immediately impressed that I could give her a tiny bit of a treat and he would do “sit”, “down” and leaving a treat on the...

So much more than an exercise break

Volunteer quote from one of the four Petfinder.com Foundation/Train to Adopt grant recipient shelters: “For years as a shelter volunteer I always thought that getting the dogs out of the kennels for an exercise break was all that was needed. My view has changed through your program knowing that the mental stimulation is even more important. I’m anxious to see our success stories!”

Training Saves a Life

Memo from one of the four Petfinder.com Foundation/Train to Adopt grant recipients: Update on the 3 month old brown shep mix I worked with on the 24th: We worked her one session that morning, getting her to do the auto sit, lay down on a hand command while person was standing upright, as well as the Nothing exercise. Later that day when we came upon a potential adopter, I met with her and the puppy, within 2-3...

Less Stress in Charlotte-Mecklenburg

"The adoption kennels used to be an incredibly loud and anxious place. Now, however, you can tell in the afternoons when the majority of the dogs have "I was trained today!" tags on their kennels that the noise level is much lower, the dogs are less likely to be jumping or barking, and the whole kennel area is just less stressful...."

Amazing Feedback from Charlotte

Date: April 11, 2011 I have been volunteering at CMACC for almost eight years, and last week I noticed a positive change in the atmosphere in our kennels. I have never seen and felt our dogs’ stress levels this low.  The dogs seem calmer and far less stressed. Honestly, the change was palpable when I entered the kennels last Thursday. I am certain that the change is due to you and our training program. ...

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