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Squeaky’s Tired after a Long Day at the ITC

Here is a photo of "Squeaky", an adorable 6 month old cattle-dog colored beagle mix, sprawled out asleep in a hotel room bed: she's part of our Instructor Training Course, which is a five-day intensive dog trainers' course in which the trainers are paired with shelter dogs. Many of the trainers take their shelter dogs back to their hotel rooms overnight. The dogs get trained and socialized all day long, each day. It's a wonderful program that we host at RVAA, created by Dana Crevling of Dogs of Course (www.dogsofcourse.com).

Munch Gets Adopted!

It was a great day at Charlotte/Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control; they wrote to tell us about a large black dog that had been at the shelter a long time. “It was a very good day.  As with Hannah, the black lab a couple months ago, the woman who adopted Munch was immediately impressed that I could give her a tiny bit of a treat and he would do “sit”, “down” and leaving a treat on the...

Update from Philly

by Eleasha Gall, CPDT Things have been going ok with the shelter, getting to know the staff and volunteers.  The volunteers who are helping are very happy with how the dogs are responding, really amazed actually.  It’s great!  I got a ton of complements from staff within the last week.  They were mostly saying how happy the dogs are and how great they are coming along in their training.  They have me...

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